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+1 919-627-9249

6910 Fayetteville Road, Durham, NC 27713
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  • Danny Rivera
    Mar, 28 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Everytime I come here it's something. This place has the worst customer service ever. I mean quite literally, every time. But I will just write about my last experience.

    Chipotle has updated their app. They removed the"special instructions" options. So we ordered our food and decided to call with the special instructions.

    A woman answers the phone,my wife gives her the special instructions and the woman tells her to hang on. We start heading up there and we are left on hold for the entire duration of the car ride. 17 minutes later as we are parking to walk in the restaurant, someone hangs up the phone. My wife immediately hits redial and calls back. The same woman answers,my wife asks for a manager. Now we are on hold again.This Chipotle is located in the mall,so as we are walking in,we are once again left on hold for the duration.

    We get in,I tell the woman, online order for Danny. She grabs my order and then I ask for the manager. She shouts in the back for a manager and about 20 seconds later, wouldn't you know it,the manager comes to the phone. I say we are here,you can just come up front to speak to us.

    The manager comes up front,not looking a bit of professional at all. I ask if he's the manager and he says yes. As I'm explaining what happened, I'm getting an attitude not only from him but from who I assume answered the phone as well. I assume this because she comes at me with her hand up in the air and a condescending attitude with a defense about the phone. She tears my bag in which my food was in because I am requesting them to remake it. The manager claims they have a line out the door,but nobody is in line and maybe 8 people are sitting down eating.

    As a manger I would think you'd take full responsibility and hold you and your staff accountable,but there was no empathy or order in this place. You would think when that employee came at me that he would of told her to get back to work while I speak with this customer. But that's not the case,in fact,I do not get the sense that he will do or say anything to them about this. It felt more like us against you and I have their back over yours no matter what experience you had,hence why there was a display of disorder when that employee came towards me with out the manager asking her to back down. I might add that there was no offer of compensation or apologies.
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Chipotle Mexican Grill

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